The Waves Burn Bright: A Cauldron of a Book

So spring is finally making its laborious way through Japan bringing with it cherry blossom, hay fever, influenza outbreaks and a pulled achilles tendon (though the last one has nothing to do with the season and is probably far from nationwide). Plans are slotting into place for The Waves Burn Bright book tour in May. I’ll put the dates up here as soon as I’m allowed to but it’s going to be an exciting trip with some big events, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, wonderful writer and fantastic person Linda Cracknell has said this about The Waves Burn Bright which is so kind it almost made me cry :

‘A cauldron of a book, bubbling with anger and magma which might at any moment spill over and bring further devastation. It is both particular to this tragedy in 1988, but also universal; a compelling story exploring how a father’s trauma sends shock waves through a family, changes the pattern of lives – particularly his daughter’s – and makes love risky. However, as well as being about damage and running away, it is also about healing.’ Linda Cracknell, author of Call of the Undertow and Doubling Back

It’s out May 19th but get your pre-orders in now and you may be lucky enough to get it before then.

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