The Only Gaijin in the Village: Happy When it Rains

Hi there, a few updates for you: The Only Gaijin in the Village Chapter 9: Happy When it Rains is live now on Gaijinpot, as it the next in my series on Great Japanese Writers: Hiromi Kawakami. My latest for Japan  Times was a review of Ikigai which, well, isn’t great. Art, as always, is by the greatContinue reading “The Only Gaijin in the Village: Happy When it Rains”

The Only Gaijin in the Village 4

Busy, busy, busy, hence not posting here in a while, for which much apologies. My summer holidays are fast approaching bringing a chance to work on my novel, do some touring around Japan for fun and research (Tohoku, I’m talking to you) and generally get some sleep. In the meantime, here’s a quick round upContinue reading “The Only Gaijin in the Village 4”

The Only Gaijin in the Village Chapter 3

A few updates. I have two articles in this Sunday’s Japan Times, one of Kenneth Rexroth’s 100 Poems from the Japanese and the other on Marc Peter Keane’s Japanese Garden Notes. Also the third chapter of “The Only Gaijin in the Village” is up on Gaijinpot right now. Justine Wong has done another wonderful illustration for it. Enjoy.

Japanese Settings, International Themes

Looking for a good book? The second in my new series of articles looking at Japanese literature focuses on novels set in the country but written by non-Japanese writers. Featuring famous names like David Mitchell, Kazuo Ishiguro and David Peace, and lesser-known but equally talented authors Jackie Copleton, Nicholas Hogg and J. David Simons, there’sContinue reading “Japanese Settings, International Themes”

The Only Gaijin in the Village

Another update. It’s all go here at the moment as I close down the business I’ve been running for nearly eight years and take up a university teaching post, but I’ve found time for some reviews and to start a new column, The Only Gaijin in the Village, about moving to rural Japan. The picture aboveContinue reading “The Only Gaijin in the Village”

Adventures in Criticism

Another update post. I’ve been busy on the journalism and criticism front recently (a side-effect of publishers front-loading spring releases). In the Japan Times I’ve reviewed Japanese classics A Dark Night’s Passing by Naoya Shiga and The River Ki by Sawako Ariyoshi, as well as the newly released and utterly stunning Pachinko by Min Jin Lee.Continue reading “Adventures in Criticism”