Cover Reveal!

Beautiful to behold! Here is the cover of my new book, The Japan Lights, out this summer on Tippermuir Books. It was designed by Matthew Mackie and I think we can all agree I owe him some pints for this effort (in addition to him being properly paid, obvs). I think it captures the dichotomy of lighthouses perfectly: Bold, stark, minimalist, but warm, welcoming, inviting. And a lighthouse on the spine! I love details on the spines of books. I can’t wait to see this face-out on bookshop shelves before too long.

Thanks also to Suzanne Kamata for the excellent line on the cover. She gave a longer blurb which will be included inside the book. Thanks also to Chris Dolan for the blurb on the back. There are more testimonials from lovely, generous people that I will share in the coming weeks and months as I bore you to tears with posts about a book that has been six years in the making and was almost derailed by Covid.

If you want me to come to your bookshop/library/book group and talk about this book let me know, we’re booking events now for the UK and Japan, and the schedule is filling up fast!

(Yes, this is a repost from my Substack mainly because Elon Musk is suppressing Substack posts. Free speech my arse).

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