Fractures is a collection of poems that follow the spirit rather than the strict rules of haiku, much in the way that Jack Kerouac or Alan Spence approach the form. While each poem stands on its own, they also form a fractured narrative across the pamphlet, a story of travel, adventure, love and heart-break.

Fractures is Iain’s first collection of poetry and will be published in December 2016. Pre-orders now being taken! Order direct from Tapsalteerie here.

‘An emotional and physical journey that spans an entire year and at least two countries… this collection is rich with the unsaid.’ The Japan Times

‘The poems are full of wit and sincerity, with more variety than you’d expect from such short verse. A quick read initially, but one which pays again on revisits – highly recommended’ Russell Jonesauthor of The Green Dress Whose Girl is Sleeping.

‘Maloney allows the spirit of haiku to infuse and inform his poetry.’ Amy Burns, author of Leaving is my Colour.

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