April 21st, 2017, interview about Fractures. Read.

April 2nd, 2017, review of Fractures in the Japan Times. Read. 

Winter 2916, Lallans 89: a review of The Waves Burn Bright.

December 14th 2016, The Waves Burn Bright in Nothing in the Rule Book‘s ‘Best New Indie Books of 2016.’ Read. 

December 5th 2016, The Waves Burn Bright in Scots Whay Hae‘s ’10 Best Books of 2016’. Read. 

November 25th 2016, The Waves Burn Bright included in ’30 Excellent Scottish Books of 2016 by the Scottish Book Trust. Read. 

November 9th 2016, review of The Waves Burn Bright on Scots Whay Hae. Read.

October 23rd 2016, review of The Waves Burn Bright in Nothing in the Rule Book. Read.

July 6th 2016, interview in The Daily Record. Read

June 11th 2016, review of The Waves Burn Bright in The Herald. Read.

June 5th 2016, review of The Waves Burn Bright on The Joy of Reading. Read.

May 28th 2016, review of The Waves Burn Bright in The Scotsman. Read.

May 21st 2016, extract from The Waves Burn Bright in The Scotsman. Read.

January 19th 2016, interview by Nothing in the Rule Book. Read.

January 7th 2016, The Waves Burn Bright included in the Scottish Book Trust’s ’27 Scottish Novels To Look Forward To.’ Read.

January 4th 2016, Silma Hill review, The Gothic Imagination, University of Stirling. Read.

November 26th 2015, In The Empty Places review in Gutter Magazine. Read.

October 13th 2015, Silma Hill review in For The Joy of Reading. Read.

October 4th 2015, Silma Hill review on Clare Balding’s BBC Radio 2 Show Good Morning Sunday. Listen.

August 3rd 2015, First Time Solo review in Historical Novel Society Review. Read.

July 31st 2015, Silma Hill review in Jim’s Books. Read.

July 9th 2015, Silma Hill review in Undiscovered Scotland. Read.

July 4th 2015, extract from Silma Hill in The Scotsman. Read.

June 29th 2015, Silma Hill review in Blue Book Balloon. Read.

February 4th 2015, Silma Hill in ‘What We’re Looking Forward to in 2015’ by Birlinn Books. Read.

January 9th 2015, First Time Solo review in Indelible Ink. Read.

October 17th 2014, interview in Metropolis Magazine (Tokyo). Read.

October 8th 2014, First Time Solo review in Shiny New Books. Read.

August 27th 2014, First Time Solo review in Maryom and The Mole. Read.

August 20th 2014, First Time Solo review in London Jazz News. Read.

August 16th 2014, First Time Solo review in the Press & Journal. Read.

June 30th 2014, First Time Solo review in The Skinny. Read.

June 28th 2014, interview in Eastlit. Read.

May 29th 2014, The Edinburgh Reporter article on the First Time Solo Edinburgh launch. Read.

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