Scots Whay Hae Reviews The Waves Burn Bright

It’s been a tough week for a number of reasons, some personal, some geopolitical, but some positivity was restored when this review of The Waves Burn Bright by Alistair Braidwood was posted on the Scots Whay Hae website. It previously appeared in print in Gutter 15, which you should subscribe to, but it’s great to have it online. EarlierContinue reading “Scots Whay Hae Reviews The Waves Burn Bright”

The Company and The Shogun Review

It has been a horrible week but I’m going to avoid going on about the referendum, I’m too upset and too angry and it’s probably best for all concerned if I keep that to myself for the moment. In the meantime here’s my latest review for the Japan Times, on a wonderful book about the history ofContinue reading “The Company and The Shogun Review”

Lian Hearn, Autumn Princess, Dragon Child Review

  My latest piece for the Japan Times is live now, a review of the second part in Lian Hearn’s The Tale of Shikanoko, Autumn Princess, Dragon Child. If you like your historical fiction shot through with fantasy, then this is a series for you. Check it out here.

Scots Whay Hae! Podcast and The Herald Review

I thought the news was over for this week but no, on Friday morning the latest episode of the brilliant Scots Whay Hae! podcast popped into my itunes featuring my podcast debut. Recorded in a pub in Glasgow, it is an hour-long chat with Alistair Braidwood about The Waves Burn Bright, Silma Hill, First Time Solo and a numberContinue reading “Scots Whay Hae! Podcast and The Herald Review”

Sunday Herald Essay, a Glowing Review and a New Poem

Well, I’m back in Japan and bed-bound with a fever, no doubt worn out by all the travelling, reading, chatting and, dare I say it, drinking over in Scotland. While I’m lying here wishing for a swift and painless death I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to update you on a few things.Continue reading “Sunday Herald Essay, a Glowing Review and a New Poem”

The Waves Burn Bright Review: The Scotsman

The first review of The Waves Burn Bright is out and I’m delighted to say it’s a good one. The Scotsman said: “The night of the disaster is sensitively and evocatively handled.” and “Digging through a hard exterior to explore the layers beneath can be a dangerous and explosive exercise, whether that’s the earth’s crust or aContinue reading “The Waves Burn Bright Review: The Scotsman”

Shiny New Books Review

My first review since the Not The Booker mauling has been posted online and I’m relieved to see it’s a good one. I particularly like it because it’s the first one to look at the prose rather than just the story. Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will know my thoughts onContinue reading “Shiny New Books Review”

First Time Solo, The Making Of …

Another four star review has come in, this time from the lovely people at Our Book Review Online, and you can read it here. In addition, they asked me to write a guest post introducing First Time Solo. I decided to explain something about the initial inspiration and wider themes of the book and you canContinue reading “First Time Solo, The Making Of …”