Fractures Review, Northwords Now

I was delighted to see this review of Fractures in this weekend’s Japan Times. Copies are still available through the Tapsalteerie website, so if you haven’t got your yet, get on it! I’ve also got a short story, Leftovers, in the new issue of Northwords Now which is free to pick up if you’re in Scotland or you can readContinue reading “Fractures Review, Northwords Now”

Haiku, Mythology and a new Shoreline

This week I have two pieces in the Japan Times. One is a look back at haiku master Basho’s classic work The Narrow Road to the Deep North, the other is a review of the final part in Lian Hearn’s The Tale of Shikanoko quadrilogy, The Tengu’s Game of Go. I’ve already reviewed parts 1, 2 and 3. Both BashoContinue reading “Haiku, Mythology and a new Shoreline”

Sunday Herald Essay, a Glowing Review and a New Poem

Well, I’m back in Japan and bed-bound with a fever, no doubt worn out by all the travelling, reading, chatting and, dare I say it, drinking over in Scotland. While I’m lying here wishing for a swift and painless death I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to update you on a few things.Continue reading “Sunday Herald Essay, a Glowing Review and a New Poem”


I’ve mentioned in a few places that I have a poetry collection forthcoming and I’m now in a position to share some details about it. Fractures is a series of haiku and haiku-like* poems that stand alone and also form a fragmentary narrative. It’s been taken on by the fabulous Tapsalteerie press based in rural AberdeenshireContinue reading “Fractures”