Back in (e)print

Hi Folks, it’s been a while since I had anything much to talk about. As always projects are starting up and falling apart, or progressing slowly. Patience. It’s always all about patience. Well now I finally have some good news: my three novels are available again. With help from Duncan Lockerbie at Lumphanan Press andContinue reading “Back in (e)print”

Available in All Good Charity Shops

Some of you may know, and others may have heard, that the publisher of my fiction, Freight Books, has gone into liquidation. I’m not going to go into the whys and hows here. There are plenty of articles online that go through the salient points, some objectively, some accurately, many just recirculating gossip or grindingContinue reading “Available in All Good Charity Shops”

Sucking on the Tailpipe of 2016

So four days to go in the year and we’re all panicking every time an artist who has made an impact on our lives starts trending on Twitter. I just woke up to the news about Carrie Fisher. I had to Google it just to confirm that it was less than a year ago that IContinue reading “Sucking on the Tailpipe of 2016”

Scots Whay Hae Reviews The Waves Burn Bright

It’s been a tough week for a number of reasons, some personal, some geopolitical, but some positivity was restored when this review of The Waves Burn Bright by Alistair Braidwood was posted on the Scots Whay Hae website. It previously appeared in print in Gutter 15, which you should subscribe to, but it’s great to have it online. EarlierContinue reading “Scots Whay Hae Reviews The Waves Burn Bright”

The Waves Burn Bright: A New Review

The temperature in Japan has dropped suddenly and we’re hanging around the lobby of what looks like a very cold winter, so I was delightfully warmed up by this review of The Waves Burn Bright that appeared on the Nothing in the Rule Book site. Christmas is just around the corner so if you’re stuck for presentsContinue reading “The Waves Burn Bright: A New Review”

The Waves Burn Bright – Gutter Review

I was delighted this morning to discover a review of The Waves Burn Bright in the latest issue of Gutter (issue 15). I hadn’t had a chance to open my copy since getting back to Japan and had a flick through while taking a break from editing and was not only surprised but really quite movedContinue reading “The Waves Burn Bright – Gutter Review”

Planning Your Writing

I’ve written another essay on writing for the excellent Nothing in the Rule Book website, this time about planning. It’s one of those topics writers worry about and regularly argue about – should you do any, doesn’t it kill creativity, how much is too much etc. etc. – so if that kind of thing interests you atContinue reading “Planning Your Writing”

Edinburgh Festivals

I’m back in Japan where thankfully August is over and the temperatures are starting to drop. The ice pillows have been put away for another year and I no longer need to shower every fifteen minutes. This trip home was a blast, short, sweet and rocketing between intense and wonderfully relaxing. I spent some timeContinue reading “Edinburgh Festivals”

The Long Defeat by Akiko Hashimoto and Not The Booker

My latest piece for the Japan Times is a review of Akiko Hashimoto’s brilliant sociological study of how defeat in World War 2 has manifested in contemporary Japanese society. Balanced and insightful, it goes behind the easy simplifications normally attributed to Japan’s war memory. Voting is still open in Not The Booker so if you’veContinue reading “The Long Defeat by Akiko Hashimoto and Not The Booker”