A Response to The Waves Burn Bright

Taking on the task of writing about Piper Alpha was daunting, and not one I took lightly. One of my biggest fears was of offending or upsetting survivors and the families of those who died in the disaster. Before the manuscript for The Waves Burn Bright went to printing, I wanted to put it beforeContinue reading “A Response to The Waves Burn Bright”

Piper Alpha 28 Years On

Yesterday, July 6th, was the 28th anniversary of the Piper Alpha tragedy, the subject of my novel The Waves Burn Bright. It was moving to see on social media, in amongst messages about Baghdad, Chilcot, Wales and everything else going wrong in the world that people were tweeting and posting reminders and sharing their own experiences andContinue reading “Piper Alpha 28 Years On”

The Waves Burn Bright – new for 2016

So here it is, the cover and blurb of my third novel, The Waves Burn Bright. Yet again Freight have done a stunning job with the cover (with zero input from me, so I’m allowed to gush about it). As some of you will know from posts elsewhere, the book concerns the Piper Alpha disaster thatContinue reading “The Waves Burn Bright – new for 2016”