Unboxing (my favourite sport)

After a few days of camping and hiking in northern Gifu, I returned to three boxes waiting patiently in my garage. Better than Christmas morning, you can see my reaction to clapping eyes for the first time on the amazing work Liminal Ink has done putting this book together.

The book is out on September 16th and is available for pre-order here with free postage in the UK and Japan (sorry rest of world, you have to pay a little more). Orders in Japan will be signed (unless you specifically don’t want that, in which case say) but shipping books from the printers in Scotland to me in Japan to have them signed, and then shipping them back to the UK/Elsewhere is exactly the kind of thing that would make Greta very disappointed in us, so we won’t be doing that.

For those in or near Nagoya, I will be doing an in-person launch (State of Emergency permitting) at the Imaike Library Club, Nagoya, on September 26th at 3pm. In order to keep it safe and socially distanced we are asking people to register in advance and if we get a lot of responses, we might split into two groups. Physical copies of the book will be on sale there.

There will be an online event at some point but currently a number of factors are precluding settling on a date, so stay tuned.

Once you have a copy, please share a photo of it out in the wild, I’d love to see that. And as always, reviews are what drives sales, so Goodreads, Amazon, social media, anywhere you can say something positive about Life is Elsewhere/Burn Your Flags would be hugely appreciated.

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