The Waves Burn Bright – new for 2016


So here it is, the cover and blurb of my third novel, The Waves Burn Bright. Yet again Freight have done a stunning job with the cover (with zero input from me, so I’m allowed to gush about it). As some of you will know from posts elsewhere, the book concerns the Piper Alpha disaster that took place off the coast of Aberdeen, my home town, on 6th July 1988, killing 167 men. The book is out on May 2016 and as usual there will be events to coincide, so I hope to see you all there.


In 1988 the Piper Alpha oil platform off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland, exploded killing 167 men. The Waves Burn Bright is a deeply effecting, sensitive portrait of its devastating aftermath on one family.

Carrie Fraser is 16 when the disaster occurs, her father Marcus, one of the survivors. As the narrative moves between past and present we learn that the trauma blows open existing fractures, tearing the family apart. In adulthood, Carrie, now a respected volcanologist, is returning to Aberdeen, having spent many years abroad, to deliver an academic paper. She and her father are estranged, partly due to his post-traumatic stress and related alcoholism, a legacy of Piper Alpha. Will a reconciliation be possible or will the aftershocks of a tragedy that occurred 25 years before continue to drive father and daughter apart?


Check out the Freight website to see what other books are coming in 2016. It’s going to a be a cracking year at Freight.

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