Indelible Ink Review

Well 2015 has started with a bang. I’ve got a few wonderful pieces of news to drop on you, dear reader, but I have to wait for final confirmation on the biggest two. In the meantime allow me to share with you a review of First Time Solo by Scots Whay Hae‘s Alistair Braidwood on Dear Scotland. If you don’t know Scots Whay Hae, go and check it out. It’s a podcast about all things cultural in Scotland and the archives are well worth a few hours of your time.

The review, as you’ll see, is a cracker. Alistair really got the book, the themes and concerns behind the story and he’s the first reviewer to link it to the arguments about Scottish national identity in 2014, which were a conscious consideration when thinking about the timing of publication. Needless to say I’m grinning like a mad bastard. Have a look here.

I’ll be back in a few days with some big announcements.

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