Happy New Year


So I missed my window to do a review of 2014 but my highlights are pretty obvious to all.

  • First Time Solo published.
  • First Time Solo book tour.
  • Generally positive reception to First Time Solo.
  • In The Empty Places published.
  • Regular employment writing about books and literature for the Japan Times
  • Nominated for The Guardian’s Not The Booker (regardless of how that eventually turned out).
  • Great debut books by friends Simon Sylvester, Anneliese Mackintosh and Kirsty Logan and a great short film by Michael Callaghan.

There were also some huge negatives involving people I love very much, but this is not the place where I discuss my or anyone else’s private life. To those people, I wish you an especially happy new year.

Most of my winter holiday has been spent resting, travelling around Japan and being ‘festive’ but I did manage to get some work done. My editor, Rodge Glass, sent me his thoughts and comments on Silma Hill, my next novel, and I’ve rewritten it under his guidance. It’s back on his desk and I’m waiting with limbs crossed and breath baited.

This week I’ll get back to work on novel #3. In the months I’ve had away from it I’ve got a clearer image of where I need to go, so I’m ready and raring.

Today I did a huge amount of work on a non-fiction book I’m writing with two friends. It’s a long term project and one I’ll keep quiet about for the moment, but as of today it’s as up-to-date as I can make it, which means I can forget about it for a few months.

2015 looks to be as busy and productive as 2014 was, and I can only hope it is as successful. 2014 was an amazing year and a large part of that was thanks to you all for your support and love. I wish you all a delightful 2015.

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