Some of you may already have visited Eastlit, a newish online magazine. They published an excerpt from my novel Dog Mountain in their February 2013 issue and my short poem sequence China in the April 2013 issue. The aim of the magazine is to publish new and interesting writing about or from East / South East Asia. So far it’s been predominantly people like myself: Native English speakers residing in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc. but a number of local writers have also been included and there is a strong desire for that to be a major focus of the magazine.

I’m writing about this because I’ve just joined the Editorial Board of the magazine and will be involved in selecting the work that goes into each future issue of Eastlit. I’m very excited about this, as I’ve always wanted to be more hands on with publishing, and Eastlit is working in an area of literature I feel is underrepresented. My passion for literature and desire to be a writer grew out of reading, and I still take great delight in discovering writers new to me. Since moving to this part of the world I have been introduced to many amazing writers whose work is shamefully ignored outside their immediate locale. Hopefully, through Eastlit, I can play a part in bringing some of this great writing to a wider audience.

So, spread the word: If you are from East / South East Asia, or are based there and write fiction or poetry that is relevant to the area, send it in to Eastlit. My colleagues and I are looking forward to reading your work. For the rest of you, please take time to read Eastlit and learn a bit more about emerging literature from an incredibly interesting and diverse part of the world.

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