Scots Whay Hae Reviews The Waves Burn Bright


It’s been a tough week for a number of reasons, some personal, some geopolitical, but some positivity was restored when this review of The Waves Burn Bright by Alistair Braidwood was posted on the Scots Whay Hae website. It previously appeared in print in Gutter 15, which you should subscribe to, but it’s great to have it online.

Earlier in the year, Alistair interviewed me for the Scots Whay Hae podcast. We talk a lot about The Waves Burn Bright and also my other novels, First Time Solo and Silma Hill. You can download it through the usual podcast places or listen here. I was a fan of the podcast long before I was ever a guest, and if you have any interest in the arts and culture in Scotland, you should really go back through the older and newer episodes for some great chat, interesting discussions and the odd ‘best of’ poll.

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