The Only Gaijin in the Village 4

Justine-Wong-OGITV-6Busy, busy, busy, hence not posting here in a while, for which much apologies. My summer holidays are fast approaching bringing a chance to work on my novel, do some touring around Japan for fun and research (Tohoku, I’m talking to you) and generally get some sleep. In the meantime, here’s a quick round up of my journalistic outings.

Chapter 4 of The Only Gaijin in the Village is up now on Gaijinpot (art above by Justine Wong). I’m really pleased by the positive response this series has been receiving – it’s a bit of a departure in style and content for me but one I’ve been working towards for a while.

Also on Gaijinpot I began a new series of Great Japanese Writers with a look at Nobel Laureate, Kenzaburo Oe.

At the Japan Times I took a long look at Tomoka Shibasaki’s excellent Spring Garden, and reviewed Hideo Furukawa’s Slow Boat, Ian Buruma’s The Wages of Guilt and Nagasaki by Brian Burke-Gaffney.

More news as and when.

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