Lakeland Lectures & the BBC

So Thursday night was a busy one for me. At 7pm I gave a lecture/reading about me/my work as part of Lakeland University Japan’s ongoing series. It’s a great scheme they’ve got going, bringing in people of all different walks of life to talk to their students and the wider public and I was delighted to be invited.

I did a kind of overview of my writing to date, including readings from The Only Gaijin in the Village and my new book, Life is Elsewhere/Burn Your Flags (pre-order here). It was a nice change because I never get to do that kind of thing – events are usually supporting a specific book and since I’ve been with a few publishers I tend to avoid cross-promoting.

After a short break, I was back online, this time to talk to the BBC. With my critic’s cap on, I joined writer Emily Itami to chat about Japanese literature on Radio 4’s Open Book. This was a huge deal for me, since I’ve listened to Radio 4 since I was a teenager. So much so that I honestly cannot remember my first couple of answers as my brain was just going RADIO 4!!!!!!! The host, Johny Pitt, was incredibly nice and the whole experience was a joy. God know how much of my noise made it into the final episode but we can all find out on Sunday afternoon, 4pm UK time, and thereafter on Sounds.

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