Black Voices Matter

Sorry for the radio silence in the last few weeks but a combination of being back teaching full-time, suffering Zoom-related back pain and the world going to hell less in a handcart and more in one of those massive modified trucks complete with superfluous guitar player they have in Mad Max has left me with little of worth to contribute. I planned an update on book events and other writing-related things but as I started typing I was overcome with a sense of how meaningless it was to say “hey I wrote a book review” while people are on the streets. So, I stick my head above the parapet to say only this:

Black Lives Matter. We need to clear the stage so voices regularly silenced can be heard. Blackout Tuesday was a start, but one day and some changed profile pictures isn’t enough. I’ve been retweeting some of these voices as they cross my path and will continue to do so. The video above strikes me as too important to share only once. I urge you to do the same, to share as many silenced voices as you can, as often as you can. People like me have had the microphone for too long; it’s time to listen. Black Voices Matter. Black Lives Matter.

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