Vote Remain (Indoors)

How are you all doing? It’s not great out there and, to be honest, after four weeks at home it’s not great in here either. Still, I’ve painted the kitchen and dining room. It’s amazing what boredom and procrastination will lead to.

I have a few updates to report on in case you missed them in the wash of social media. Firstly this amazing review by Will Heath of Books and Bao hit a couple of days ago. I studied English lit, I know all about the death of the author and how every text is open to mutual readings, but as a writer there is nothing more delightful than a reader who gets exactly what you were trying to do. Will does that. It’s even more satisfying when that book is a memoir. So thanks Will, you really made my week/month/year.

Ali Braidwood of Scots Whay Hae did a follow up to his podcast interview, this time a text interview in Snack… In magazine, the new lockdown version of Snack. It’s a “what happened next” piece about the cancellation of my tour and how I fled Scotland just in time. You can read that here.

The Japan Times put together a piece on Japanese literature to read during the lockdown to which I contributed (the article, not the lockdown – none of this is my fault). So if you’re looking for something to read (other than The Only Gaijin in the Village and my three novels, all still available) then check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Vote Remain (Indoors)

  1. Thanks. I didn’t get to see you in Glasgow Aye Write due to … well we all know. So it’s good to hear you got home and are obeying orders. As we all are apart from enjoying, in my case, a daily walk beside the kelvin and thrilling at the just about emerging blossoms and buds and bloody noisy birds.
    Several interesting resources there that I look forward to exploring, especially Books and Bao.
    Sok Dii Pii Mai – Happy New Year – as it is in Laos and Thailand and across southeast Asia. I’m sparing a thought for all my friends, indeed the entire country of Laos, who have had to celebrate without alcohol and on lockdown so no temple visiting. Unimagineable.

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