Pre-order The Only Gaijin in the Village

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are going to be a bunch of events in the UK in March, so if you’re planning on coming to see me, books will be on sale. However given the global nature of the modern world I know that some of you reading this are not conveniently situated for the UK. If you fall into that camp but are still thinking of buy the book, can I suggest a pre-order?

Pre-order numbers are very important as they show outlets that there is interest in the book and can make a big difference in bestseller lists and all those Amazon charts. It’s all part of the hype machine that accompanies any release so you’d be doing me a massive favour.

There are many ways you can pre-order. The most obvious, especially for those in the UK, is direct from the publisher here. Free delivery in the UK, cuts out the middle man meaning more money plowed back into independent publishing, and it makes the publisher happy, which means they are more likely to publish me again.

Alternatively, go to your local indie bookstore and order it through them. You’ll be supporting a local business and keeping bookstores alive. If you like books, you love bookstores. Again, if they see there’s a demand for it, they might order a few more. By the way, if you do go down this route, you could casually mention to the staff that the author would be more than happy to pay them a visit and do a reading there. #justsaying

If you’re paperless, itinerant or living in a Japanese apartment where space is at a premium, ebooks will be available. Kindle links are here: US, UK, and Japan.

By the way, this doesn’t just go for me: the best way to support any author is to pre-order, to give ratings and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, buy books as presents (it’ll be Christmas before you know it!) and generally spread the word. You have no idea how much we appreciate this kind of support. Each 5-star review leaves a warm, fuzzy glow that stays for days.

Thanks, all you lovely people!

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