Feeling Minnesota: Chris Cornell RIP

I can’t even being to process this. Soundgarden were there from the start, when my brain consciously began engaging with music. There was Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam and… anyone who knows me knows I’m still in that bubble.

Chris Cornell is dead.

At 52.


My feed is full of Chris Cornell. I can’t even begin to process this. But for the first time since the internet was invented, my feed is full of Chris Cornell. Nothing else, just Cornell. That his death had to be the cause is devastating.

We should share the work of our heroes daily, fill our feeds with the joy their creativity brings us, not drown ourselves in misery and negativity and relentless reminders of the dark side of humanity. Celebrate those whose contribution has made a difference to your life. Tell them, tell others, before it’s too late.

Don’t share things that make you angry, things that make you curse, things that make you bang your head on the desk. Share the things that make you rise up, out of your chair, and dance around the room. Share the things that make being alive, here and now, fantastic. Share the joy. Because there is joy out there. Lots of it. Oodles of it. And we all know it, because when it’s ripped from our hearts, like it was from mine today, we know in an instant what we’ve lost. What we’ll never get back.

RIP Chris Cornell. You made my life better and I never got to thank you for that.

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