Inspiration Point


Launched today, Inspiration Point is a “place for young people interested in the arts in the North-east of Scotland to find out more about the creative pathways available to them within their local area and beyond.”

It looks like a great resource, the kind of thing I wish had been around when I was growing up in Aberdeen, so if you are, or someone you know is interested in creative writing, dance, music, drama, photography, or visual arts and design, then this website is packed with advice, tips, contacts, information on courses and workshops, funding and outlets and loads more. It’s aimed at the North-east but there is much that is relevant regardless of your location.

They have a workshop event at the Lemon Tree on Saturday February 18th if you’re in the area. I wish I still was, Aberdeen seems to be such a vibrant, artistic place at the moment. Please share this website around your social media so the young artists of the North-east can get all the help they want and follow their dreams. Thanks.

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