First Foot and Crossed Fingers


2017 has started with a blizzard of commissions, which is great but also accounts for the lack of updates on this here site, so I’ll quickly attempt a catch up.

My haiku collection, Fractures, is out, selling well and getting good responses. The print run was limited to 150 so for all you completists out there, if you want to ensure a copy, best get on it now. Buy direct from the publisher for only £5 plus postage.

My latest piece in the Japan Times is a review of Yasushi Inoue’s classic The Hunting Gun, a cracking little novella by one of Japan’s best writers.

As for my fiction, I’ve sent my latest novelistic effort to my agent for inspection. I’m keeping quiet about it in case it’s not up to scratch and I have to go back to square one, but no doubt if good news comes back from my agent, you’ll hear all about it.

In the meantime, enjoy the new year.

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