Fractures is out now!


it’s been too long
drinking beneath the castle
the Kiso, drifting


That’s right, my first poetry collection, Fractures, is out in the world. If you’ve already ordered one it should be in the post by now, if you haven’t ordered yet and want it in time for Christmas, you can get them direct from the publisher here. Tapsalteerie is a small independent poetry press doing this purely for the love of it, so by buying one or perhaps more, you won’t just be making me happy, you’ll be helping Tapsalteerie bring out their next run of pamphlets, giving everyone a merry Christmas.

Also out now is the new issue of Shoreline of Infinity, the sixth so far. As always it’s got some great stories, reviews, articles and artwork so scratch that SF itch over here.

And finally, The Bottle Imp issue 20 has just been released, featuring my first review for them. I take a look at the impressive New Writing Scotland 34.

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