Bad Language, Page 69 and a Listicle.

I’m in Manchester at the moment with a pint in my hand and raindrops falling outside. I’ll be appearing at the much lauded Bad Language tonight before heading back up to Aberdeen for the May Festival on Sunday. In the meantime two blog posts by yours truly are up for human consumption.

The first is for The Next Best Book Club and is a close reading of page 69 of The Waves Burn Bright. I love this concept, looking at a novel by focussing on one page, so have a look here.

Second and fresh up today is a piece I wrote for the Scottish Book Trust on five other books based on contemporary Scottish history. I hope this piece will start a discussion so if you have any other suggestions (ideally more by women) then let me know.

Thanks to everyone who’s been to my launches and readings so far and boo! to those who missed them. It’s been a blast and hopefully will continue that way for the next few days. It’s tiring but, as St Thomas Aquinas once said, it’s the most fun I can have with my clothes on.


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