Word / Aberdeen May Festival 2016

A Portrait of the Artist With Mad Hair


I’ve been desperate to share this with y’all for ages but was bound to silence by higher powers. I’ll be appearing as part of the Word Festival / Aberdeen May Festival on Sunday May 29th at 2pm. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen and was lucky enough to be there when Word was started by Alan Spence. Over the years I saw and met some of my literary heroes and discovered new writers who went on to feature prominently on my shelves, so being invited up onto the stage is a huge deal for me. I still can’t quite believe I’ll be where I saw people like David Mitchell, Hari Kunzru, James Kelman, Seamus Heaney, Liz Lochhead, Jackie Kay and Janice Galloway blow audiences away. What makes it even better is that on the Saturday, Kirstin Innes, who is a fellow alumni and an old friend, is appearing as well. It’s like a literary festival, a school reunion and a huge opportunity to geek out on some amazing artists all rolled into one. My event is free but ticketed, follow the link above. See you there.

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