Sex, Drugs, Rock n Noir

The Road Hog, Fourth of July Parade, El Rito, New Mexico 1968 ©Lisa Law/ Image Works

Two posts in one week? Blog posts are like buses: they’re big and red and have wheels and seats and some of them bend in the middle. Or something.



Roz Morris, host of the Undercover Soundtrack blog, very kindly asked me to write a piece for her site on how music influences, informs and interferes with my writing. The article, linking Mogwai, The Who, REM, The Sugercubes, The Corries and Nat King Cole amongst others is here and can be read while listening to the tracks via the magic of Youtube and copyright infringement.


Another review I wrote for Gutter is also up online. I’d already reviewed Nicholas Hogg’s Tokyo for the Japan Times but their 250 word limit didn’t allow me to explore some of the more interesting aspects of the novel so I was delighted to have the chance to expand on what really is a wonderful book. You can read it here.

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