The Launching of Silma Hill


Well, the Silma Hill Book Tour is over. I’m back in Japan dealing with the twin miseries of humidity and jet lag. Seriously, this is the worst I’ve ever had. Three nights in a row awake until 7am and I’m supposed to not only be back at the day job but editing novel #3. That’s the price, isn’t it, for living on the far side of the world. I figure if I can get to Saturday when I only have two classes, I can push on through and get back onto Japanese time. Still, I had a blast catching up with friends and family, meeting some great new people and generally doing things I can’t do in Japan – eating non-mad pizza toppings, mainly.

Robbie Guillory of Freight and me, onstage in Aberdeen.

So Silma Hill is out there. Responses from readers so far have been great. Critics don’t seem to know what to make of the book but when words like ‘enthralling’ ‘exciting’ and ‘page-turner’ are being used by people who have paid for their copy, I’m a happy man. Thanks to all those who have read, are reading and will read.

Jeff Sanders of the National Museum of Scotland, Robbie and me in Edinburgh

Thanks also to everyone who came along to the launches. The events themselves were great fun, as were the after parties. I think I need to detox from now until the next time. There are lots of photos from the Glasgow launch on Freight’s Facebook page, here. See y’all next year 😉

Kirstin Innes and I showing off our books. Photo by Mike Callaghan on Kirstin’s phone.


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