Articles and Shorts: Update.

It’s been a while since my last post because I’ve been as busy as a millipede’s chiropodist. I’ve been hard at work on novel three, edits have just come in for novel two, writing regularly for the Japan Times and I still have the day job. I’ll be off on holiday in three weeks, heading down to Kumamoto and Kagoshima, and I cannot wait. It’s been a great year but I am knackered.

Speaking of the Japan Times, I recently interviewed Allison Markin Powell for that esteemed newspaper. Allison is a Japanese – English literary translator who has translated Osamu Dazai, Hiromi Kawakami and Fuminori Nakamura. I had a fascinating chat with her which resulted in this article here.

A flash story what I wrote is included in the December issue of Eastlit magazine, which you can read here. I have two more short stories coming out soon and then I’d better get writing more – my bank of unpublished shorts is empty.

It’s a beautiful winter Sunday here in Japan and all I’ve got to do is finish reading three novels, write reviews of them, begin editing novel two, work out a problem with novel three, meet friends, mail out some stuff and not collapse in a heap in the corner. Back to work.

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