In Person

I’ve mentioned Metropolis Magazine a few times in these posts. It’s a Tokyo based English language magazine I do some freelance writing for, most recently an article about Rita Taketsuru. Metropolis is that rare thing in Japan, a magazine aimed at ex-pats that is worth reading. Some of them are little more than a collection of adverts for shit bars held together by misogynistic articles and tips on where the best ‘titty bars’ are. Apparently most ex-pats are horny 12 year olds. Prostitutes who speak English advertise in them and, I would assume, get a lot of business that way. Needless to say I don’t write for those magazines.

In the latest issue Metropolis have been kind enough to interview me about First Time Solo, writing while living in Japan and Japanese literature. You can read it here, if you are so inclined.

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