5 a day and a studio of one’s own.

Four hours from now (as I write) I will launch my novel First Time Solo at Waterstones in Aberdeen. I’ve seen people like Iain Banks, Janice Galloway and Alan Spence read there and I’m still finding it hard to believe I’ll be doing the same today. I’m cacking myself. Luckily a well-timed email from Metropolis Magazine provided a moment of distraction: an interview I recently did with Mothercoat (Japanese band I utterly love, I’ve written about them here and for Metropolis on other occasions) is now online and available to read here.

Today marks the beginning of the book tour. Hope to see some or all of you in Edinburgh (May 26th), Manchester (May 28th), Belfast (May 31st), Doncaster (June 4th), Glasgow (June 9th) and London (June 12th).

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