Marking off the Days

I’ve been in something of a fallow period of late, hence the lack of news up here. The book has gone through typesetting and innumerable proofreads and is, as I type this, at the printers. Another week or two and I should finally have a copy in my hand.

Everything is in place now for my book tour, so if you’re in or near Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast, Doncaster, Glasgow or London, please come along. I’ve decided what I’m going to read and what I’m going to say and I’m now getting somewhat impatient with the slow progress the calendar is making. Less than two weeks until we board the plane.

In the meantime I’ve written some reviews and interviewed Japanese band Mothercoat, all of which should be online or in print soon, and my short story Dead Seal Beach will be in the next issue of Causeway / Cabhsair which is out very soon.


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