On The Road

I’ve been pretty silent on here this year. Not because little has been happening but because so much has been going on, but much that has yet to achieve fruition. Copy edits, proposals, enough emails to destroy an entire rainforest of e-trees. But we’re getting there.

The First Time Solo book tour has taken up much of my time, but I’m delighted to announce a more or less complete list of dates:

May 22nd: Aberdeen, Waterstones, 6.30pm.
May 26th: Edinburgh, Looking Glass Books, 6.30pm.
May 28th: Manchester, Bad Language at The Castle Hotel (co-headlining with Simon Sylvester), 7.30pm.
May 31st: Belfast, No Alibi Bookstore, 4pm.
June 4th: Doncaster, The Point, 6pm.
June 9th: Glasgow, Rio Cafe, 6.30pm.
June 12th: London, West End Lane Books, 7.30pm.

I am unfeasibly excited about all of this, to the point of seriously considering getting tour t-shirts made. I still have gaps in my schedule, so if you want me to come to your town / bookshop / art space / venue then get in touch and we can work something out.

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