Size isn’t everything …

A little bit of promotion.

Simon Sylvester has released a collection of flash fiction called “Marrow”. He describes it thus:

Marrow is a collection of 28 flash stories ranging from 13 to 1,000 words. Around half have been appeared elsewhere – in Gutter, Fractured West, Valve, Flashtag, Paragraph Planet, Causeway, Smoke, Dark Mountain and others. The stories feature fighter pilots and guinea pigs, wishing trees and wet weekends, untuned pianos, tattoos, voodoo, daydreams, ink and avocados. There are private eyes and talking poppets – lions and lemons – selkies and tsunamis.

I’ve read all the stories collected and they are, without exception, brilliant. At £5 plus £1 postage (UK), this is a bargain. Get ordering here, folks.

Secondly, my short short story A Trolley Full of Marx is included in the latest issue (6.2) of Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine. It’s a vignette, a couple lazing in a dirty flat of an afternoon, killing time before going to a political meeting. Unfortunately the story isn’t online but you can order a copy through their website. It too is a fiver and at 100 pages, that isn’t too high a price.

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