Homes for Stories

It’s been quiet on the news front for a while but there have been two new exciting developments in the last few days that I’m itching to share.

Firstly, I am delighted to announce that I have an agent. I’ve been stalking Judy Moir for years, sending her both my first, utterly dreadful novel Sometimes Sleep and my second, the Dundee International Book Prize shortlisted Dog Mountain. With infinite generosity and patience she read both. When I finished The Wasting Embers I asked her if she was interested in reading that one as well. She was. She loved it. Now she represents me. I couldn’t be happier. First as a publisher at Canongate and Penguin and now as an agent, Judy has worked with some of the best writers around and many of my heroes, including Alan Spence, Michel Faber, James Robertson and Louise Welsh. To be represented by someone who has worked with such talent is humbling and incredibly exciting.

Secondly, a new charity anthology, Stories for Homes, has been launched in e-book format. Raising money for Shelter, the UK’s homeless charity, the book contains everything from flash fiction to longer stories. My own piece, A Cityscape, At Night is included in the book and I urge everyone to buy a copy. It’s only £4.99 on Amazon. A paperback version will be released later in the year.

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