So, I finally got round to giving myself what I believe they call ‘an online presence’. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager (yes, all those hideously embarrassing angsty poems and song lyrics that have been shredded and burnt) and still dream that one day I can make a living at it. Although, since the publishing industry is going through a painful mutation and you can now download a new novel for less than a pound, I think I may have arrived too late at the party.

Anyway, the site is still being put together. All my publications to date are on the publications page with links where available. Some of them link directly to the story, poem or article so you can read them, should you so desire. Others take you to the lovely magazines and publishing companies who’ve been kind enough over the years to feature my work. Also linked are Amazon pages where you can buy some of the anthologies I am in. I particularly recommend buying A Thousand Cranes and New Sun Rising as all the proceeds go to help the victims of the 3/11 Tohoku earthquake / tsunami / nuclear disaster. I linked to Amazon because it is easiest, but where possible please support your local booksellers and small publishers. Some of the most interesting and enjoyable writing today is being published by companies like Freight and Cargo. They are being run as labours of love, and can do with the support.

Any questions, comments, thoughts, ideas, opinions or commissions, you can contact me through the site or message me via twitter @iainmaloney


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