Life is Elsewhere/Burn Your Flags

Christmas Day, 2020 and in Japan Cormac is headed for the hills. In the midst of the pandemic the bar he runs is closed, his marriage to Eri is falling apart and a phone call from his doctor could change everything. 

As a teenager in late 1980s Tokyo, Eri documented the rise of a legendary female punk band. In the wake of its explosive demise, she shed her identity and ran. Now an unexpected message forces her to exhume long-buried memories and confront her past. 

Over twenty-four hours, everything they’ve been repressing erupts under the pressure of a year in lockdown. In times like these, it’s hard to hold on. 

 “Compelling, tense, gorgeously-drawn and perfectly-paced.” Kirstin Innes, Scabby Queen 

 “A raw yet compassionate take on a couple trying to deal with their fears and frustrations, both with themselves and with each other, in the time of Covid.” J. David Simons, An Exquisite Sense of the Beautiful 

“Each account equal parts witty and somber, frenetic and contemplative […] a Rashomonian glimpse at 24 hours in the lives of two separate individuals in one unstable relationship.” Metropolis, Japan 

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