Iain Maloney is the author of seven books, including the critically acclaimed The Only Gaijin in the Village (Birlinn, 2020), a memoir about his life in rural Japan.

He is also a freelance editor and journalist, mainly for The Japan Times

He was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland and he currently lives in Japan. He studied English at the University of Aberdeen, graduated from the University of Glasgow’s Creative Writing Masters in 2004, and holds a PhD from the University of Sunderland.

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  1. Brian says:

    Hi Iain,

    I caught wind of your book from Stuart Smith and Jon Steele on their J-League podcast, and it’s just great. I’m going to pick up your three novels next. Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for your writing.


    • iainmaloney says:

      Hi Brian, thanks for getting in touch and for buying the book. I didn’t know Stuart and Jon had mentioned it, I’ll have to track down that episode!

  2. John says:

    Hey Iain:

    A few of my colleagues and I are expats in Asia and are very interested in reading The Only Gaijin in the Village. Unfortunately, lead times for shipping are about 2 months out!

    Can you share whether the publisher has a Kindle version on the roadmap?

    Thanks so much in advance!

  3. iainmaloney says:

    Hi John, I’m not sure where in Asia you are but I assume you are using Amazon US? There is a Kindle version available but for some reason the US Amazon site is being difficult. If you use Amazon UK, Singapore or Japan you can get it today. As for posting, 2 months sounds bizarre – is that also from Amazon US? If you let me know where you are I can better advise.

  4. Carol Park says:

    Ian, i lived your interview with Jeff Krueger! I’m looking forward to reading your book. I and my family lived n Japan six years but in major cities. And I always want to learn more.

  5. I was given your book ‘The only Gaijin in the Village’ for Xmas. About half way through and loving it! Was in Japan in May 2017 .. my second trip. Keep writing. I’ll churn through all your books eventually and will be looking for more😎

  6. Hi Iain, currently living through a nightmare with 4 friends/family members snuffing it in the past 5 weeks. ‘The only Gaijin in the Village’ had me laughing like a drain and lifted out of a very black mood.
    Having visited Japan a couple o times and the last time spent a month wandering around in the kilt, which was great fun, with echos of your father and father in-law, drinking with salarymen on a couple o Friday nights.
    Will be having a look at some more of your work
    Cliff……a 62 year old Teuchter fae Glenisla

    • iainmaloney says:

      Thanks for getting in touch, and so sorry to hear about your loses. It’s just been such a horrific time. Glad to hear my book could help even slightly. Take care.

  7. […] Scottish author Iain Maloney says, “My latest book, a novella, was written in two days, but was the result of nearly ten years […]

  8. Mark Skinner says:

    Hello Ian, I have just finished reading your book The Only Gaijin in the Village and i made me laugh so much. So much more than laughter though. My own experience has been less immersive but I have spent the last 5 years in rural Thailand when I’m not working or after hours I’m in charge of a citrus farm, fish pool, 2 coo’s and being the safest driver in town so chauffeur to the many old dears that have appointments outside the village. Your book echoed so much even though completely different countries. Great read and I’ll spread the word.

    • iainmaloney says:

      Hi Mark, thanks for getting in touch. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the book and thanks for spreading the word! Rural Thailand sounds like a lot of fun!

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