A Film by Stephen McQueen (not that one, no, not that one either).

This is it, the big week. The book is officially out everywhere (US? No idea) and there are events in St Andrews (Tues), Edinburgh (Wed), Glasgow (Thurs), as well as a couple of podcast recordings (info as and when). So to celebrate, here’s a wee film I made with mate and director Stephen McQueen (Not that one, no, not that one either).

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In the Japan Times.

And we’re off! I’m in Scotland, and the first bit of press about the book has hit the newsstands, a lovely interview Kris Kosaka did with me for the Japan Times.

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Launch Month!

It’s the last day of February, the quarter day catch up, and that means I leave Japan tomorrow for the UK to launch The Only Gaijin in the Village. The dates are above and on the side bar. The Edinburgh Central Library event has sold out but there are still tickets for Glasgow on March 12th. The other events are unticketed.

After the fun I had launching the book in Australia I can’t wait to get stuck into it in Scotland where at least the chapter about venomous snakes won’t be met with (correct) condescending derision. Updates as I go, and photos on Twitter and Instagram, but I hope to see you all very soon!

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They are out in the wild! Pre-orders are being delivered as we speak and Readings St Kilda has signed stock out on the shelves. I’m gearing up now for the Sydney launch in Better Read Than Dead bookstore on Sunday Feb 23rd at 3pm. It looks like there’s going to be a good crowd so please RSVP here to ensure a seat.

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Please RSVP for Melbourne

Confirmation of the Melbourne event is up on the bookstore’s website. It’s free but the store would like you to RSVP so we know roughly how many are coming. You can do that here. See you there!

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Melbourne Book Launch

Great news (if you live near Melbourne): On Saturday February 15th at 5pm I will be reading and launching The Only Gaijin in the Village at Readings bookshop, St. Kilda branch. I’m reliably informed (by their website) that Nick Cave frequents this store so if you’re reading this, Nick, feel free to drop by.

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Sydney: Change of Date

Hi folks, I just got confirmation that the Sydney launch has moved from February 22nd to February 23rd. It’s free but ticketed so do please RSVP here.

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Up to date updates!

It’s been four years since my last book came out and I’d forgotten how hectic things get in the lead up. We’re a month away from the official publication and weeks away from the first event, and it’s all go here!

Above is the delightful quote which Christopher Harding, author of Japan Story: In Search of a Nation was kind enough to give. He’s appearing as part of the Aye Write festival in Glasgow (as am I). He’s in conversation with J. David Simons on March 28th, get along if you can.

The first review of The Only Gaijin in the Village has appeared thanks to Ian Josh Yates on Goodreads. He says:

“Not a travel book, but a found a new home in a world of adventure book, episodic in nature and design, but with enough of a through line and good use of seasons of the year and life to create a singular vision.

I love this genre and appreciate every time an experienced writer puts one out.

Putting this above many other “life in Japan” stories is Maloney’s insight, more than just initial reactions to the new and absurd or interesting, but at times past that to some real looks at what it means to leave a home and family, and what it means to find, or try to find your new home and family.

I’ll also say, if Hemingway makes me want wine and Booth makes me want a roadside beer, then Maloney makes me want a fire in my yard and enough space to enjoy it. Maybe I need to escape the city myself.

Hope a lot of people pick this one up and give it a chance!

Which is lovely of him.

The interviews have begun which has been something of a problem given I’ve had laryngitis for two weeks and sound slightly croakier than a heavy-smoking frog. I did a Q&A with the good people at the Blue Pencil Agency which you can read here.

Hopefully my voice will be back to its best by the time the events kick off. I’m reliably informed that the Sydney launch is changing from February 22nd to the 23rd, but I’m waiting for final confirmation so if you were planning on coming to that from out of town, hold off booking train tickets etc. for a couple of days.

The first Japanese reading has been confirmed, on April 28th at Bar Iznt in Kobe, as part of the Author’s Live series. Link as soon as I get one. Keep an eye on the sidebar for a full list of events, and if you want me to come to a town near you, get in touch. Have public transport, will travel.

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More Events!

It’s been a busy few days! Two new events have been confirmed. On February 22nd I will be at Better Read Than Dead bookshop in Sydney, Australia. I’m really excited about this – not only is it my first time doing in event in Australia, it’s my first time in the country. I tried to go once before for a wedding and managed to break my leg the day before flying. No bouldering for me this time! The event is free but ticketed – get them here.

Then on March 28th I’ll be at Citadel Books in Edinburgh, from 1pm. The bookstore is run by Edinburgh Makar Alan Spence, and is a favourite of mine. I did a reading there last year from my book Fractures and it was a great atmosphere.

I hope to see you at one (or more) of these events!

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Author Q&A

Here’s a thing. The lovely folks at Blue Pencil Agency recently subjected me to an author Q&A which you can read here. In which I try to sound wise but end up over-sharing, as is my want. Full disclosure, I am one of their editors.

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