Editorial Services

I have years of editorial experience working with publishers, journals and freelance and can offer my services as an editor on both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.

Manuscript Report: One full, in-depth report on your manuscript looking at strengths, weaknesses, suggestions for improvements, potentially attractive and problematic areas for publishers, and advice on possible markets. This is an overview and doesn’t get into the specifics of sentences and paragraphs.

Copyedit: I edit the manuscript to ensure consistency and accuracy in areas such as style, tense, voice, narration and character. A copyedit also includes a proofread. This prepares a manuscript for submission ensuring the kind of errors that slip past every writer (we all have blind spots with our own work) are dealt with before it gets onto a publisher’s desk. This tidies up the manuscript as it stands and doesn’t include suggestions for improvement or analysis of weaknesses.

Full Edit: I do a full report as above but also go into specifics at a textual level, suggesting ways of improving paragraphs, scenes, sections and the text as whole. While a copyedit tidies up the text as it stands, in a full edit I will, if necessary, cut, move, suggest rewrites, deal with structural and narrative problems, all while retaining the style, spirit and intention of the text.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact me at iainmaloney[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

Prices available on application.

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